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CloudGo is pleased to announce that we are now an official Salesforce Consulting Partner!

What does this mean for you?  It enables us to better drive cloud and digital transformation for you.  From our inception, we’ve been focused on customer success and service management and this partnership builds on that.

Salesforce has some fascinating capability coming out recently, around Internet of Things, Field Service, Quote-to-Cash, and Wave Analytics.  This is, of course, on top of their legendary and market-leading Sales, Service, Marketing and Communities capability.  We’re thrilled to be partnered with such a visionary company that is dedicated to helping you connect to your customers in a whole new way.

We love having Salesforce as a key part of the conversation we have with customers, because it lets us solve more problems.  If we just focused on internal service management, we’d really only be able to talk to you about cost and efficiency.  But having sales and service capability that’s externally focused, that’s customer focused, means we can help you change the top line of your business as well – and that’s a whole new conversation.  With the changes going on in the world, cost-saving alone isn’t enough to focus on when transforming your business.

Now, does this partnership mean we know everything about all things Salesforce?  Of course not, the platform is deep and wide and we don’t claim to be experts in all of it just because we can now put a logo on our website.  You’ll find in dealing with us that we’ll tell you when we know something and we’ll tell you when we don’t.  But ask us anything – as we grow our team’s skills, size and geographic reach, we’ll be able to answer more of your questions.

In celebration, we have a special offer on right now – a free Cloud and Digital Readiness Assessment.  If you want to work through a strategy, adoption plans, ROI calculations or potential business cases of moving to cloud or digital technologies, we’ll help you work through the implications. Click here for your free assessment.

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