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Salesforce Meetups:

What is it all about:

Salesforce user groups are almost everywhere across the globe. If you’re a social media freak, I’m sure you must be aware of Salesforce meet-ups happening in your city.

It provides a great platform to collaborate, network, meet and share experiences amongst people who work as Salesforce admins, developers, Consultants, Users or other interested CRM parties. Meetings are quite informal where anyone who likes to learn and share ideas and experiences are welcome to join. If you don’t find any of your interest, not to worry just create one and add people of your kind.(https://www.meetup.com/topics/salesforce/)

Types of Meetups:

  1. Developer Group: This is the most popular and famous one. Mainly run by community members for developers to share knowledge about programming on salesforce AppCloud, to learn new skill via Trailhead, to share insights of new releases and how to use it. (https://www.meetup.com/pro/salesforcedevs)


  1. Admin Group: For those people who spend their days working behind the scenes of the Salesforce setup menu to configure, customise and extend the functionality of Salesforce business applications. The purpose is to bring people together to talk HOW to get the job done and deliver those benefits. It welcome members who are new to the world of Salesforce, or who may be considering in becoming a Salesforce admin in the future. Welcome #awesomeadmin!


  1. User Group: This group is more towards connecting Partners and ISVs to potential clients; help Salesforce Administrators gain new insights and advice. Salesforce-curious IT professionals are invited to come along and explore a career in the cloud with a full calendar of fresh, relevant content each and every month. Joining the community, meet local Salesforce evangelists and help business’s get closer to their customer with Salesforce.


  1. Salesforce Saturday: Irrespective of your experience level, this Meetup is for you to collaborate with others around and about the Salesforce platform. This is more a time for you to do Salesforce-y things with peers outside of the regular job. This may include catching over coffee/tea for discussing release notes, Study for certification, Trailhead or to share and discuss any sorts of experiences or challenges. An informal and cool way to collaborate.


Useful Tips for Meetup:

Interact/Mingle up: Meet new and old folks, shake hands and talk any stuff not necessarily related to Salesforce but may be something outside work. Don’t forget humans love to be heard so I am sure if you try talking to them, they’ll definitely respond and hence conversation can be taken up to altogether another level. This is something which I personally have started doing and trust me it works so no more hesitations, no fear just go.


Ask Questions: It is okay to ask as many questions as you want related to topics being presented and discussed. The idea behind having a meetup is to learn something new and take those learnings away with you. The more you speak the more confidence and knowledge you gain and most importantly, you get noticed. Leave an impression that if you get to meet same people in next meetup they remember you. Luckily the Salesforce Community comprises of people who are welcoming and have a sense of warmth.



Become an Organiser for Next Meetup: Meetup provides you with a great opportunity to extend help for organising next meetup, it might be acting as a presenter too. Members at meetup should actually take an initiative of doing that. This may include: Finalising venue for meetup, making arrangements for food, equipment’s needed for presenting stuff etc. We at “CloudGo” did that and yes, the event was held at our office and it was a great experience to host and organise it. So what are you waiting for?


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