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CloudGo solves business problems using modern cloud platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow. We help you solve three main problems: Get closer to customers and sell more, improve process and save money, and manage cyber threats.

Service Management

Reduce the cost and time of manual services and workflows, manage clouds well and improve business operations.  Improve the internal customer experience

Our cloud experts will help you standardise and automate IT and business processes, using modern cloud Service Management platforms like ServiceNow.

  1. Classic ITSM – replacing legacy help desks
  2. Service Portal – improving the internal customer experience
  3. Taking best practises to other internal services, especially Finance and HR
  4. Security Operations Management

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Customer Success

Find more leads, close more deals, keep more customers. Ensure sales and service is personal, relevant, and up to date

  • Salesforce customers report 37% more sales revenue, 45% higher customer satisfaction, 43% better marketing ROI*.
  • As a partner for Salesforce.com, CloudGo has frameworks for sales, marketing and service excellence across a range of industries

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Cyber Threat Management

Automate Security and Identity with our proven Intellectual Property

  • Automate identity through the joiner/mover/leaver process
  • Reduce the likelihood of attack by reducing security attack surfaces and vectors
  • Respond rapidly to vulnerabilities and threat detection or removal on Windows and Linux
  • Automate security operations with Security Operations platforms

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