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We’re thrilled to announce that Haythum Auda has joined CloudGo as the Director of our new Cloud Infrastructure and Collaboration practice across APAC.


Prior to CloudGo, Haythum served Microsoft for 16 years in several roles.  Most recently he was Sales Director, Microsoft Services – Western Europe HQ, leading the Microsoft Cloud, Azure IoT Suit, Data Insights, Infrastructure and Security (Cyber & Identity) Services solution sales in Denmark.  Prior to that, Haythum was based in Singapore as Office 365 APAC Sales Director covering Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.


During his tenure at Microsoft as an Enterprise Architect with Microsoft Services, Haythum led technical delivery teams and supported sales teams that exceeded customer satisfaction goals with Microsoft in Denmark as well as in Microsoft Dubai, across the Middle East.


“I’m very happy to join CloudGo and move back to Singapore,” said Haythum.  “This is an exciting time for our customers. Cloud is a given; CIO’s no longer ask whether they should use cloud, but rather how. Cloud evolves from Point Solution to Strategic Enabler of the new connected economy.”


We at CloudGo believe that Cloud can make a difference to our customers’ businesses right now – beginning with the things in their businesses that matter the most. It starts by building on the infrastructure our customers already have in place, using familiar devices and services in new ways, and incorporating the right technology to ultimately help our clients use data to create insights and make more informed business decisions.  Adding Cloud Infrastructure and Collaboration to our existing practices of Customer Success, and Service Management and Automation, means we can solve more of our customer’s business challenges.


“The world as we know it is changing Digitization with Cloud is the enabler,” said Haythum.  “CloudGo are investing to support our customers succeed in this fast-changing landscape. As a digital enabler, we help our clients and their customers realize results.”

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